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spiderman’s secret identities?

So we all know Andrew Garfield will be the next Peter Parker in the next Spiderman movie directed by Marc Webb, but who else tried out? If you don’t know who Andrew Garfield is, he was in Lions for Lambs and he will be in the upcoming film The Social Network. Anyways check out the rejects!

George Clooney was on point.

Funny or Die: http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/054db26a70/spiderman-reboot-audition-outtakes?rel=player



spiderman’s true identity

Oh how his villains enemies have pondered this. But now we know who the next Spiderman is! It’s Andrew Garfield. Say what? You know, that guy who was in Lions for Lambs or a couple episodes of Doctor Who. Umm. Well he has a British accent so that could be fun! And director Mark Webb assures us that Andrew will make a wonderful Peter Parker. Lets hope so! Spiderman 2012.