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things destroyed in slow motion

Bravo Philip Heron, you took something somewhat common on the internet and made it amazing. Stunning and breathtaking is “Tempus II”. The video is out of my mind. Have you ever seen fire being lit in super slow motion? Or a mouse trap crushing an egg? Anyways see for yourself!



stop. motion.

I discovered today that my friend Linnea knows how to make stop motion videos!  I’m not sure why I hadn’t discovered this before, but I’m glad I did!  She still has some learning to do, but for a rookie they are quite impressive.  Here’s my favorite:


Check out her photog too!

♥ Ko

two asians

Today Ko and I looked deep into our heritage. Well sort of, anyway – not Korean heritage, specifically, just Asian in general.  Ko went to the Chinese Garden with some children and I painted some sumi-e paintings. We both admit these aren’t our strongest fields of artwork so be kind. On another note, spring break is coming up, which means we’ll be having a short hiatus for the next week or so.  But without further adieu, Asian artwork:


Ko’s Photos:

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