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what is this? a school for ants?

Well this isn’t really a school. It’s something much, much more. It’s miniature, NYC. Ko can tell you all about it. But “The Sandpit” is one of the coolest stop motion pieces I’ve ever seen. I highly suggest watching in HD and in fullscreen. Seriously.




Oh, it’s good to be back home and back to the blog.  Hope you didn’t miss us too much!  I spent this last week in Boston and New York City, while Jesse drove all over California.  We both did a lot of college visits, among other things.  Jesse will post later about his spring break and I’ll put up some stuff about NYC, but for now, here are some pictures from my time in Boston!

♥ Ko

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two asians

Today Ko and I looked deep into our heritage. Well sort of, anyway – not Korean heritage, specifically, just Asian in general.  Ko went to the Chinese Garden with some children and I painted some sumi-e paintings. We both admit these aren’t our strongest fields of artwork so be kind. On another note, spring break is coming up, which means we’ll be having a short hiatus for the next week or so.  But without further adieu, Asian artwork:


Ko’s Photos:

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