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flower warfare

Well it ain’t modern, but it’s pretty dope. This video is more closely related to the game, Flower for PS3. But the action is crazy and awesome. At first the strange actors disrupted my enjoyment, but the flowery violence was very enjoyable in the end. Excellent animation and editing!



35mm and some 4,000 miles

This is out of control. Well maybe it’s in control so much that you can’t comprehend everything. Pascal Monaco and Felix Meyer animated this wonderfully captivating short piece. In it are references to 35 of their favorite films. Hopefully you can find more than I did….

Meet Mike, he loves to walk. Mike can walk very far. Mike lives in the USA. Mike likes to travel. See Mike walk. See Mike Travel. See Mike walk across the USA.

See Mikes path: Mike’s Walk


reanimated bruce

I swear I’m not obsessed with Bruce Willis, it just so happens that this animation is about Bruce… Haha. Well this is such a cool idea I just had to post it. I would reanimate stuff all the time… If you don’t know what reanimating is, watch the video (not animating).

Bravo Tom Judd



Coraline was amazing to me. Not only was it set in the glorious state of Oregon, but it was also an¬†extraordinary¬†film animation-wise. The following animation, titled “Something Left, Something Taken”, struck me as similar to Coraline. Perhaps it was the stop-motion animation or the mood. But I rather enjoyed “Something Left, Something Taken”. It’s kind of long, but pleas enjoy Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata’s short film.

For something a little lighter on the mood, here is the latest DJ Pogo mix. I have loved all of his work, from Upular to Alice. As we all wait for Toy Story 3, here is Toyz Noize.


turn this house into a home

The following is a video by Beeple and it follows the modernization of a house/houses. The first house reminds me of Animal Crossing. But don’t let the blocky people fool you, the animation is very crisp and overall the piece looks great.