35mm and some 4,000 miles

This is out of control. Well maybe it’s in control so much that you can’t comprehend everything. Pascal Monaco and Felix Meyer animated this wonderfully captivating short piece. In it are references to 35 of their favorite films. Hopefully you can find more than I did….

Meet Mike, he loves to walk. Mike can walk very far. Mike lives in the USA. Mike likes to travel. See Mike walk. See Mike Travel. See Mike walk across the USA.

See Mikes path: Mike’s Walk



i know what came first

The secret is out…. check out the answer for yourself….Click on the pictures. What came first the chicken or the egg….


need to know! (youtube game?)

1. find a youtube video under the gaming category

2. click on the video

3. press up and left at the same time

4. play snake



endangered giants

Well I won’t be able to tell you about these two causes with enough force to convince you to help out, but these two videos should give you and idea. Firstly, we have a species that is dying that is dying at an astonishing rate…

Help out: http://www.caranddriver.com/features/10q3/save_the_manuals!-car_and_driver

Secondly, we have the gentle giants of the sea. Although the appear to be doing just fine, this is a rare example, and they really do need your help!

Help out: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1296474/Spot-endangered-species-yacht-trip-turns-modern-day-Moby-Dick-southern-right-whale-lands-deck-couple.html


using your eye phone

For those who aren’t that vertically inclined, myself included, here is the greatest thing ever. Well not really, but I think it’s cute. Check out what Adi Marom did with her iPhone.

For all those Firefox lovers out there, your iPhone just got a lot better. I’m basically entranced by the promo video. I wonder if the woman will actually come to my home town of Portland!

Download Firefox: https://www.mozilla.com/en-US/mobile/home/


airplanes in the night sky….

Well that’s just no fun. While camping these past couple days I realized that wishing ariplanes are shooting stars is super lame. Real shooting stars are far superior. Nights under the stars are unbeatable.

Anyhoo, check out these sweet pictures taken by astronauts up at the international space station. Taken with Nikons. More at link below.

See more: http://press.nikonusa.com/2010/07/nikon_to_introduce_the_latest.php

ADDITION July 23rd:

Check out this sweet UFO flying over China. It’s totally real I here. Some say it’s a rocket, but iunno.


err what?

Iphone 4 is here! But what’s the truth about it? Well watch this video to find out. I don’t understand it, but it’s hilarious.


P.S. Off camping with work for a couple nights!