jesse by ko


To be Jesse is to never laugh.  I generally think the world is humorless and dry.  This drives my friends insane.  I also somehow manage to never express myself facially, so I basically end up looking like a robot.  It’s just that I have a very picky sense of humor, I guess.  I can be quite sassy and critical.  This is really helpful when…  Well actually it’s not helpful.  It has taught me how to lose friends and alienate people, though.

My absolute favorite thing in the whole world is the art of motion picture.  I love to view, create, edit, and critique different productions from the world of video.  On my last blog I tried to avoid self-promotion, but here I am willing to do it shamelessly – so check out my YouTube channel at  I used to take footage from movies and set it to techno music, but now I enjoy making deep and artsy movies set to alt music or shot in grainy film.  I like to title those ones things like “Death” and “A House Inside My Soul.”  A lot of my favorite movies are the classic Disney films.  I enjoy collecting music from these films.  I recently procured a whole bunch of them.

Aside from Media Arts, I also really like Science, and History can sometimes be interesting.  I kind of hate Japanese and I really hate English, I think the readings are terribly boring.  I don’t know anything about colleges and I don’t know what I’m going to do once I get to one.  This freaks me out a bit, but I know most everyone else my age, except for crazy people, is in the same boat.  I’d love to shoot for a career in producing, but I don’t know how reasonable that is or how successful I would be.

I’m pretty fashionable – actually I’m probably more fashionable than Ko, she just wears frumpy sweatshirts to school every day.  My favorite clothing items are my dark gray pea coat (a thrifty find from Goodwill that I’m very proud of) and my very tight pants, of which I have several pairs.  My favorite accessory is Ko’s pair of fake glasses.  I think wearing Nikes prevents me from looking too gay.  What a kowinkidink, I happen to be wearing all of those things in this blog’s banner picture.


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