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flower warfare

Well it ain’t modern, but it’s pretty dope. This video is more closely related to the game, Flower for PS3. But the action is crazy and awesome. At first the strange actors disrupted my enjoyment, but the flowery violence was very enjoyable in the end. Excellent animation and editing!



mr. clean

Britain’s Gurchan Sahota has the priciest car wash in town. And he means business. £7000 One can get Gurchan to hand clean their vehicle. Gurchan started out washing his neighbors cars for free, but now he uses £8,200 wax to ensure the cleanest clean.


what’s in a poke?

When someone pokes you what does it mean? Do they like you? Are they bored? Is it a friend thing? The interaction is so human, yet so mystic in its existence on facebook. Play the following choose your own adventure game and learn more!


spiderman’s secret identities?

So we all know Andrew Garfield will be the next Peter Parker in the next Spiderman movie directed by Marc Webb, but who else tried out? If you don’t know who Andrew Garfield is, he was in Lions for Lambs and he will be in the upcoming film The Social Network. Anyways check out the rejects!

George Clooney was on point.

Funny or Die:


things destroyed in slow motion

Bravo Philip Heron, you took something somewhat common on the internet and made it amazing. Stunning and breathtaking is “Tempus II”. The video is out of my mind. Have you ever seen fire being lit in super slow motion? Or a mouse trap crushing an egg? Anyways see for yourself!


transform this


who’s your boss?

You might have heard already, but Steve Carell is leaving the Office after 7 wonderful seasons. A lot of you might say, he’s no Rick Gervais (the British Office). But honestly he was darn funny. To commemorate this wonderful boss here is a link to the “Types of Bosses”. Who is your boss? I can’t really decide, but I think mine is either a “Social Director” or an “Our Hero.”

Link: Bosses