ko by jesse


Oh the wonders of being a Ko! A Facebook quiz once told me I have one of the rarest names ever. People find it amusing to come up with puns for my name. I am rarely amused. Jesse thinks it’s funny to tell me every time he sees my mother (it’s not). I am an only child and I have two bedrooms. I actually prefer the smaller of the two though.

What’s a Ko to do? I enjoy the creative arts. I love fashion. My own style is a mix of many different styles but I’m finding my way. I also really enjoy many other media of creativity. I recently got second in a creative writing contest (25 dollars woo!) and I am a grammar fanatic. I also enjoy drawing and singing. I don’t do choir. I currently play the drums, sort of. I am starting lessons and I can’t wait to get good. I once thought I would play bass like my father. Let’s not talk about that. But I really love art.

I also love the foreign. Foreign men, ha. But I really love learning languages, German, French, Chinese, and I am learning some Korean, Japanese, and Italian on my own. I like to make fun of Jesse because he struggles to learn Japanese. I have a cold soul. Language is fun for me and I hope to one day travel the globe.

I do enjoy media. Jesse likes to make weird short films (one of which I was the star!) but I mostly just like to view things. I almost love TV as much as Jesse does. My favorite shows include White Collar…Avatar…Heroes…and a few others. I also love animated movies. Hayao Miyazaki has made some of my favorite movies! I can proudly say I own almost all of his works.

“Smile, Ko.” I get that a fair amount. But really I am a happy person. Some people used to think I was depressed and that I should live in a cave. A) I love the sun, who doesn’t, B) there is no electricity in caves, and C) I smile 1 bajillion times more than Jesse. Anyways this is getting rather long, back to copiloting the blog!


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