one killer who hasn’t been killed

Well Brandon Flowers, you abandoned your buddies and now you are making music videos with Charlize Theron. Douche move man. Kidding, Mr. Flowers can do as he chooses. In fact, I think “Crossfire” is kind of respectable. Give it a listen, or at least watch Charlize.

Bonus! Check out this crazy sound suit contraption made by Ben Newland. It’s kind of hard to explain. But here’s an explanation:

“The units do themselves work with the Bass Mid and treble frequencies of the input track divided between them. They are wi-fied together and battery powered with very efficient amplifiers. The resultant (band) is really quite loud. Ben Newland designed the units which have quite complex resonance chambers. They are really very cool, the film was edited to enable people to get a sense of how they would work in the environment.”



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