m&m recovery

Shady’s back, back again. Oh yes, Slim Shady just dropped his brand new album Recovery. (Ko is gonna kill me because this was released 2 days ago). In my mind, this is a step up from that thing he called Relapse. Even Emiem confesses to having some issues with his last album. But I think this album is a big step up.

Don’t believe me? Listen to what Vince has to say about Recovery.

Anyways after listening, I was somewhat impressed. Eminem is still his angry loud, “it’s hard to be not black” self. But there is a real calm that underlies the anger. The track “Space Bound” was a good example of this.

This other track I thought was really peculiar. It samples Haddaway’s “What Is Love“. Lil’ Wayne also lends some bars on it. I think Shady was going for the whole “Forever Young” cool kinda feel. I think that “Forever Young” had a really authentic feel. Eminem’s “No Love” is a little to rough to capture that.

What post about Eminem would be complete without the Doctor. And by the Doctor, I mean Doctor Dre. Six years after it was originally set to be released, Detox is going to be released. Dre wanted to spend more time producing, but now he’s ready for his own album. Here is a song off of Detox called “Under Pressure”. The beat thumps. And Jay-Z kills it on his verse. Hence the photo.




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