the summer is for movies!

Well persnaps not just movies, but also summertime adventures. But here is a movie related post. Perhaps you are tired of IMDB. If you haven’t heard of, The Internet Movie DataBase, then perhaps you should go check it out. But if you have, then you know it’s been getting filled with advertisements. I do love IMDB, for its endless supply of credits and its interesting reviews of movies. But if you would like something a little more simple and fun, try HelloMovies!

Ok there are some set backs, you have to register. But really, it’s a lighter more efficient version of IMDB. There is a points system for reviewing and rating movies. You can earn points (this sounds lame) but it actually feels fun. Go rate all your favorite films and upload photos from the films. Anyways, I think it’s a really good time. Hellomovies even provides links to Netflix and other viewing sites, so you can rent right away!

Speaking of Martin Scorsese… here is a really cool video that combines Scorsese’s movies with Stanley Kubrick‘s movies. The video’s editor, Leandro Copperfield, spend over 20 days making this piece.  His other work, “Tarantino vs Coen Brothers” is also a must watch. Leandro also includes all the movies he used in the video. Persnaps you will see some movies you want to watch this summer, I know I did! I thought this was extremely well-made and worth the watch.

The Spirited Away poster is actually a minimalist rendering by Brazilian designer, Pedro Vidotto.


P.S. The Smurfs looks so…. ridiculous.


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