reminisce of eric carle

As a child, I remember flipping through the pages of Eric Carle stories with endless amazement. Something organic and natural came out of the illustrations. His most famous book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, is in every single library I know of. Personally I think I liked, Animals Animals and The Very Lonely Firefly. Anyhoo, here are two drawing related things.

The first being, Jon Han’s blog. The Californian does artwork for all sorts of magazines and newspapers. I really like a lot of what he does. I thought the post titled “quetzacoatl” was particularly charming. But browse his blog for others.

Secondly is an interesting visualization of height. Made by Karl Tate, the info graphic shows you the highest and lowest things on the planet in a sort of map like setting.

It provides everything to scale which is kind of cool with lots of interesting points. For instance, did you know the death zone (where the air is no longer sufficient to breathe) is at 26,000 feet. I thought it was a cool little chart.

Our Amazing Planet: Top To Bottom



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