in this colorful world

Tré videos involving colors. How so? First we have OK Go. Really OK Go, more internet wonderfulness? Do you really have an endless pool of ingenuity? This video is out of control. Personally I can’t say I’m a fan of the song, but the concept of the video is stellar, and adds fresh color to the music video scene.

Next we have a remake. I actually just say A-Team (not the greatest film, but certainly entertaining and it has Wikus from district 9!). Anyway this is a slightly different remake. Anyone read the Care Bears when they were little? I did.

Finally it’s the new video from Management…. I mean MGMT. I honestly wasn’t super impressed by their latest album. But after seeing the video for “It’s working,” perhaps I will give it another listen. This is a pretty cool video, with an interesting story.



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