three cups of coffee

Dear lord, Viso energy. Now that’s a waker-uper. 300 mg of caffeine my lord. So yesterday me and my pal Conor worked on a commercial for Viso. That was being directed by Sean Rawls. Just look at that ugly wrapper. It’s actually made of freaking paper. This brand really needed Sean if they wanted their product to look cool. Anyways, it was interesting to be assistants on a real production. Yes it was only a commercial, but it was intense. We maybe spent 2 hours setting up the the first 10 second long shot. Followed by 45 minutes of adjustments and takes. There was a small but great cast. The “grip” Sam referred to everyone as “brother.” I was so disappointed when i spent 15 minutes writing a page of bullshit as for a prop (yes I write very slow) and it didn’t even make it into the film. Overall I had a really good time. Me and Conor’s first few tasks (guarding equipment and making a food run) had me a little worried at first. But later Sean and the other guys were really helpful. They gave us a lot of advice about being professional and how to compose yourself while filming. I probably ate 1,000 baby carrots as well as half a bag of tim’s chips. Gotta eat.



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