american cinema

Welcome to Jesse’s interpretation of American cinema in the 21st century. Well actually it’s not mine at all… I hope someday someone will make a study of my films, but for now here are a few interesting videos relating to the world of cinematography.

The first video is called “Why Twilight is Popular” or is it called “How Twilight Works”… I’m not really sure because the Youtube video is called the first title, but in the video it says the second title. I’ll have to ask Ko. But anyways here’s a dry and humorous explanation of Twilight! (Yes I realize he is describing the book)

The second video is a Japanese video that was made with 9 iPhones shooting from different angles. By cutting together the footage, the editors were able to make some pretty cool simple action sequences. They call it “Bullet Time”. If I had 9 cameras i’d love to try this….

Best/Coolest for last! This is an award winning short film that is a “commentary on visual cliches, and a celebration of the visceral pleasures of cinema”. Basically it documents the cliches used in action films. The music by “The Jesus Lizard” is a little off-putting but I’m still impressed by the look and feel. Unlike many Youtube mash-ups of late, this doesn’t feel like a mix of different movies, instead it feels like its own piece of artwork. Enjoy “Pure”.



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