so you want to buy a new car?

When I was a child I went through many phases. During one of my fondest phases, HotWheels© consumed my life. And I’m not talking about those knock offs known as “matchbox.” I’m talking about the real deal. For a year in my life, I saved up my allowance just so I could buy toy cars to race around my house. The boxes were simple and not particularly flashy. I didn’t watch too much TV, so I didn’t see the ads. I simply wanted to buy them because I enjoyed playing with them (a lot). But here are two great car ads (for not so great cars). I like the Sienna video a lot, you can see more videos at their YouTube channel linked below!


“Straight ownin’ bake sales with my cupcake skills/I’m better with the money so I handle the bills”

Sienna Family:

Lexus “Be tha Navigator”. This is a cooler idea than an ad.


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