Oh, it’s good to be back home and back to the blog.  Hope you didn’t miss us too much!  I spent this last week in Boston and New York City, while Jesse drove all over California.  We both did a lot of college visits, among other things.  Jesse will post later about his spring break and I’ll put up some stuff about NYC, but for now, here are some pictures from my time in Boston!

♥ Ko

My new camera keeps getting better and better!  I discovered this panorama function on Harvard’s lovely campus.  It’s not perfect, but still pretty nifty!  I’ll have to refine my technique, there’s definitely way too much foreground in this picture.  (Click for bigger on all of the photos.)

I didn’t like Dartmouth much but I really like this picture…

Tufts is really really fond of elephants, they were all over the grounds.  This little seat was my favorite one.

In a library at Tufts there was a mini art exhibit featuring several trashion pieces.  This receipt jacket was my favorite.  It was made by Anya Klepacki, class of 2013.  (Well, I think so, anyway.  It’s hard to tell from the picture, it’s very small.)

The most disgusting cannon ever.  They paint it periodically and have been doing so for ages, hence the ick.

What trip to Boston would be complete without Boston Cream Pie?  (I didn’t like it much, it was too creamy (hah!) and fluffy…  Rich chocolate cake = 50 bajillion times better.)


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