Today my friend Ace and I spent part of math class trying our luck at chatroulette! If you don’t know what chatroulette is you probably don’t use the internet. I suppose it’s kind of like speed dating on the internet, with more perverts and less interaction. Anyways, Ace and I spend a good twenty minutes looking for hot girls or even someone interesting. We saw over 10 male genitals and even more bored looking guys. This is a little depressing. Is the world wide web really a place for perverts and racists? I really hope not. Another thing we noticed, was that 90% of the people were white. I definitely got the squinty eyed face on numerous occasions (really creative). It brings to mind the question, how many people are actually looking to chat? I will admit Ace and I began “nexting” people at a fairly rapid pace, but we did try to slow down and not be sexually discriminant. We considered it “boss” to next women, especially hot ones. This post got a little long, but here are some highlights of chatroulette. Enjoy!


Wall of People Being Awesome on Chatroulette


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