Ko says 24 looks like a bad show. I can’t decide if she is wrong or not. This season I found myself bored yet intrigued by another classic 24 plot line. I mean new city, but is it really that different? Anyways, that’s not what this post is about. This is about one of the greatest 2 minute clips of Jack Bauer ever. To see my summary of the scene follow the link (spoiler alert)! Otherwise go watch the episode on Hulu.


“I’m a white terrorist”

Oh no! A bomb…

“Cole it’s a bomb”

“I’ll try and disarm it because I know everything”

Disarm, disarm, disarm…

“Uh-oh… I don’t know how this is gonna work…”

“White Mom! Nooooo”

“Tell me where the bombs are”

“I am the worst terrorist ever”

“This guy is awful”


“Tell my mother…”

“Sorry guy, no time”

“Get the f*** away from me”

“Close er’ on up”






“Chloe, did you kill Jack?”

“I’m alive! What about the terrorist?”



By the way that’s 24 images!


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